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Climb X Gear mit Jürgen Moosbrugger hier: Oberstaufen/Allgäu.
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Jürgen Moosbrugger – a climber of his own league (EXTRA ADDITION)

After our last two postings you might have thought, that Jürgen Moosbrugger changed his focus exclusively to alpine “old school” sports climbing? In one word: incorrect  :)! He was and is a versatile climber. So, after already winning a local boulder comp earlier this year, he also took HIS chance in November to … WIN!

Allgäucup 2016

The “Allgäuer Sportklettercup 2016”, a local but well established lead competition, was held the 28th (!) time in Oberstaufen, Germany.

#1 after 1 week (!) of training!?

His friend Thomas convinced Jürgen, that he should compete and … the rest of this posting … in Jürgen’s words:
“After Thomas persuade me to climb on the Allgäucup 2016, I told him, that was am not in training at the moment. After four busy weeks for my company in Shanghai, Taiwan and Hong Kong … a competition … what a plan!? But I went immediately back into training mode. After one week, I decided to join in. As you guess: Without any expectation.

But then the first surprise: I was in the final and at the end I won the competition and for sure … I was super happy about that outcome!”

Our Climb X Crew finishes also this time with CONGRATULATIONS Jürgen and Climb X is proud of your awesome climbing!


Allgäu Cup

Weitere Wettkampfergebnisse sowie Kletterrouten, die Jürgen am Fels klettern konnte findet ihr unter der Rubrik “JÜRGEN”.

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