Jürgen Moosbrugger – a climber of his own league (Part 1 of 2)!

A successful ongoing career as a full time engineer, working all over the world – “nice” German Car – his own big apartment in one of the most expensive cities of Austria, a girl friend … beautiful and also super fit AND … using every minute of his free time to … CLIMB!? We guess, there are just a few people on the planet will fit into this description. For sure, we are writing one more time about Jürgen Moosbrugger. Some details you can also find on a posting at

Family generations in the “Kapfdach”

This fall, Jürgen, together with his father, made some kind of climbing AND family history coming true. Back in the last century, sports climbing not even invented, Jürgen’s grandfather, one of the pioneers of alpinism climbing in Austria, made the 2nd ascent of a route called “Kapfdach”.

In a nutshell: Tons of loose rocks, an “old school style” protection meaning bring (very) good nerves with you and an extremely spectacular big roof “somewhere in the 5.10 grades”. Got it: A pure nightmare for every nowadays sports climber.

BUT … Jürgen Moosbrugger’s whole family seems to be DRIVEN by adventures. More details about a dream coming true, will follow in part 2 of this article … right HERE!

Meanwhile … Jürgen: Climb X is proud to support you and for all the readers … enjoy climbing and a DRIVEN, active LIFE!

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Kapfdach und Kessi Klettersteig (17)
Kapfdach und Kessi Klettersteig (7)

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