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Steinbeisser Trophy 2016

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Jürgen Moosbrugger wins “Steinbeisser”-Trophy!

Austrian climber Jürgen Moosbrugger (born in 1990) is since five years in our “Climb X opinion leaders team”. In his “early years”, he achieved couple of wins in the Austrian youth categories – in bouldering he even made it into to the IFSC Boulder Worldcup! After switching his focus to a full time career as an international engineer, he is “competing just for fun”, as he told us several times. But it seems … almost whenever he shows up … he WINS!

Last time at a local lead event with in Germany (Allgäu Cup) and recently at the “Steinbeisser-Bouldercompetition” in Rankweil (Vorarlberg, Austria). “Just bevor the comp, I had to work on an important project in America for my company for a couple of weeks. There it happened, when I had a little accident and strained my wrist. So … not much training, lots of pain and almost no expectations. I competed, because the organizer invited me so friendly …” … so his comments after his “# 1”, out of 50 competitors. Climb X CONGRATULATES Jürgen and is proud to support, in contrast to other companies, our climbers also AFTER their international careers, whenever possible.

And last, but not least: The “friendly organizer” of this event was nobody less the Guntram “Gu” Jörg … you got it, big or better to say STRONG name in the “scene” … for sure … check out i.e. “Welcome to the Hood“ (film with Daniel Woods & friends) … “Gu” is one of THE Top-Men in it. Since spring 2016 he got his own Bouldergym

Our tip: Whenever you are in the Tyrol/Vorarlberg region of Austria: get ready for a “little different plastic experience” THERE!

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