Jürgen Moosbrugger – a climber of his own league (Part 2 of 2)!

Kapfdach und Kessi Klettersteig (36)

We guess, you already got, after part 1 of our article, an idea how Jürgen and his father Toni went into their part of the “Kapfdach- and family-History”. For sure: Father and son secured, “adventurous but save”, the 3rd “family-Top”.

“Climbing-driven” Parents to-be …

But what about “ascent #2”, after Jürgen’s grandfather, we have mentioned in Part 1? Well, 30 years ago, in the “wild, revolutionary, climbing 80s”, climbing in Europe was between Sports- and Alpine-climbing, Toni convinced Sabine …

Got it: Jürgen future parents! And Sabine, just 18 years of age, just joined in. The end of a true, 3-generation-climbing story in short: Jürgens, grandfather, his parents Sabine and Toni and finally he, together with his father did it – THE “historic and dreaded Kapfdach”!

More about the details, in an easy to translate into English article (use google) and plenty of more great photos you can find at:

Last, but not least: The location of the “Kapfdach” in Götzis / Vorarlberg? gives you an idea. But be warned … this is “old days climbing” …100% on your own risk!

Our Climb X Crew sums up with CONGRATULATIONS to Jürgen and his awesome family – so stay DRIVEN too!

Kapfdach und Kessi Klettersteig (4)

Kapfdach und Kessi Klettersteig (17)

Kapfdach und Kessi Klettersteig (8)

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